New IDW Mass Hysteria Preview

The following was sent to Ghostbusters News from Tom Waltz, IDW Publishing editor.



Factory Entertainment Shows New Pictures Of Ghostbusters Shakems

Factory Entertainment, a Ghostbusters licensee has been working on Ghostbusters Shakems which seem to be a better take on the bobble head concept. Which will include at least a couple of Ghostbusters, Stay-Puft, and Slimer. The concentration appears to be on both Stay-Puft and Slimer. Today Factory Entertainment is showing new pictures of both the Stay-Puft and Slimer Shakems.

factentstaypuft factentslimer

The exact release date is TBD. Some retail sites are listing either April or May 2014 with a suggested retail price around $50 USD.

Cross The Streams Podcast – Episode 38


Celebrate the 5th Anniversary of Ghostbusters: The Video Game with Jesse Sosa, a developer on the game since its humble beginning.

Talking Points

  • How the game came together.
  • Why the Ray’s Occult level didn’t make the final game.
  • Podcast feedback.
  • Show Length: 45:56
  • File Size: 21.1 MB
  • Listen: Episode 38