Louisiana Ghostbusters Raffling Autographed Proton Pack Replica


The Louisiana Ghostbusters are going to raffle an autograph Proton Pack signed by Dan Aykroyd. Proceeds will benefit American Cancer Society and their Relay For Life.

LAGB is proud to announce that In February 2014 this donated proton pack will be practically given away in a charity raffle. The idea was conceived, funded, and constructed by Randy Fernendez and Twilight FX, makers of the amazing Phoenix Pack which has a one-of-a-kind venting system. While this raffle pack will not have a venting system, it is made almost completely from parts fabricated right here in Louisiana and will feature an all metal particle thrower or “gun.” It is one of the more unique and sturdy prop replicas of a proton pack you will ever see. Tickets for this raffle will be sold at Wizardworld New Orleans where folks can inspect the pack in person. We will also possibly sell blocks of tickets online in the days approaching the convention. Best of all, proceeds from this raffle will benefit Relay for Life and the American Cancer Society. We’ll post additional pictures as this amazing item approaches completion and we get ready to announce ticket sales have begun.

This pack will feature lights, sounds, and an extending Nutrona Wand tip. Additional information about this pack can be found here.

Update: As this Proton Pack nears completion, donations are now being accepted. Click here for the information, including the rules. Or just to donate.


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