Harold Ramis Passes At 69


Note: I’m back tracking this blog post as I’ve known about Harold’s passing since almost the beginning. With how some things were and what I wanted to post, I needed time. I would have thought it would have been before now, its also important to remember life continues.

I like many ghostheads and fans of the actors who portrayed our original movie heroes couldn’t picture a time when we’d talk about them because they’ve passed. That day first came on February 24, 2014 when everyone who would care found out Harold Ramis passed on. When all the news was breaking, I was oblivious as the weekday was kinda like others. I had been working on a yet to be published Ghostbusters Inc. update when my girlfriend and one of my ghosthead friends got in touch with me during the early afternoon. They were the kind of communications where you know someone close has passed. I didn’t quite know how to feel or what to think. It took time to process. It didn’t help that the day was the 24, which is very personal and can have more of an affect on me.

I understand why the Ramis family kept Harold’s illness private as possible. In an immediate “news” and “instant gratification” tabloid culture I’m happy those publications couldn’t report about it in recent years and have a chance to take things out of context or be exploitative. Of course once Harold Ramis passed from autoimmune inflammatory vasculitis some of those “media outlets” were going to report something and talk to Hollywood professionals, at times without notice.

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30th Anniversary Global Ghostbusters Screenings


On Saturday, June 7, 2014, ghostheads worldwide are getting together (in a spiritual sense of course) to watch Ghostbusters for the 30th Anniversary. Yeah, the anniversary is on Sunday, June 8, 2014. Saturdays are less stressful? The 7 can accommodate all the time zones more?

If you’re interested in this worldwide synchronization of Ghostbusters, a Facebook page has been set up.

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Ghostbusters Monthly Volume 2, Issue 17 Art

Dan Schoening has uploaded art for issue #17 of IDW Publishing monthly Ghostbusters series.


This piece first reminded me of The Real Ghostbusters episode Flip Side. As I’ve seen the episode recently. If you don’t know what I’m referring to, its when Peter, Ray, and Egon were in Boo York and “fired” their nutrona wands for the first time at The Peoplebusters. Instead of the positive confinement streams, “the polarity was ‘unnaturally’ reversed” causing the Proton Packs to emit low class ghosts!

I don’t know if Dan subconsciously thought of this. Of course based on Ghostbusters and the 30th Anniversary story, it could be from ghosts somehow escaping The Containment Unit.

Ghostbusters Monthly Volume 2, Issue 13 Preview (Mass Hysteria)


Spook Central’s Facebook page posted earlier today a preview of Ghostbusters Volume 2, Issue 13. Which is the start of the 30th Anniversary story arc, Mass Hysteria. Which is part of an overall larger 8 issue run.

For more covers and preview pages check out Spook Central’s Facebook gallery for Vol. 2, Issue 13.

Besides fine comic book shops and on-line retailers, Mass Hysteria issues can be bought from Ghostbusters Fans shop and these other links IDW Publishing posted at their message board.

The first of 8 issues will be available for sale on February 26, 2014.

Photo Sources: IDW Publishing, Spook Central

Ontario Ghostbusters Proton Pack Raffle

The Ontario Ghostbusters are proud to announce a major fundraising initiative in support of Sick Kids Hospital in Toronto. The team is giving a lucky Ghosthead the opportunity to win their very own proton pack! Not only that, but the winner will get an invite to join the group for a day at a Comic Con in 2015. A secondary prize of an OGB prize pack which includes, among other things, a hot beverage thermal mug and balloon for the kids.

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New York Toy Fair: Factory Entertainment Peter And Ray Shakems Video


Factory Entertainment filmed a 29 second video (probably using their fruity or robot phone) at New York Toy Fair. Previously only pictures surfaced of the Ghostbusters Shakems and they were behind the more prominent Stay-Puft and Slimer Shakems. Thanks to the video we now know both Peter and Ray do more then “shake.” Pressing a button will play at least two lines of dialogues the characters said in Ghostbusters. Unlike the Matty Collector Retro-Action Citizen Ghost Peter Venkmans, the dialogue is from the actual actors, not someone doing an impression.

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New York Toy Fair: Funko Pop Ecto-1


Not the prettiest picture. Apparently for whatever reason Funko‘s Pop Vinyl ECTO-1 wasn’t on display at New York Toy Fair. Or it was and a picture didn’t surface of it in the nice green back lit display. Funko’s ECTO-1 reminds me of a chopped version of Kenner’s ECTO-1. And a larger version of The Real Ghostbusters soap dish.

I don’t know if this is the final version, and I may be in the minority of ghostheads who aren’t sold on this. I won’t complain if I had to own it. I don’t know if I would buy it, if it wasn’t going to be included with Funko’s version of Winston. One of the positives is it appears any Funko Ghostbusters figure can sit, well stand in ECTO-1. Fortunately too Winston will be able to be displayed on its own. I’m glad the creative minds at Funko thought like how ghostheads and collectors do.

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New York Toy Fair: Underground Toys


Underground Toys showed off new and current Ghostbusters merchandise at New York Toy Fair. Underground Toys had previously released Stay-Puft and Slimer plushes in various sizes that play music from Ghostbusters and coffee/tea mugs. Including a “no ghost” logo mug that fades in the ghost when the mug is hot.


New for this year are are “no ghost” logo plushes in varying sizes. If any Underground Toys Ghostbusters plush should play “Ghostbusters,” this would be the one. I only own one “happy face” version of their Stay-Puft. As an adult in my 30s if I didn’t own it, I’d be ok with that. A medium size “no ghost” logo? Its different and feels unique enough as a life long ghosthead and collector.

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New York Toy Fair: Funko Pop Ghostbusters Including Winston

"Four is better then three." - Ray
“Four is better then three.” – Ray

Funko showed of their Pop vinyl Ghostbusters figures, including Winston at New York Toy Fair. With eyes like theirs, Egon could have contact lenses for back up. I like the details with the equipment and as is the norm each Ghostbuster has their own equipment accessory.

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