We’ve Moved To Better Quarters Off Campus


Going into 10 years of running and paying for a business package, it had been a long time coming to stop paying rising quarterly prices for domain names and web space. I probably should have done this 5 years ago. A lot has happened personally during a decade. It isn’t like the site is exactly needed in how the fan base and web technology has evolved. A small percentage of you may remember I had made GBI a new last year, during summer it ended up in a limbo state. I continued with Ghostbusters sites through Ecto-ContainmentGhostbusters NJ, and my personal collecting site, Rich Collectibles. Honestly I didn’t even know if I would continue with Ghostbusters International.

Ten years later which happens to be a big anniversary year for the Ghostbusters franchise I basically decided I could do a little something different with Ghostbusters International, if I scaled it back. As long as I wasn’t paying for it and could still have fun with the franchise concept.

Which is partially why I changed (or moved) the name of Ghostbusters International to Ghostbusters Inc. The “parent company” of GBI. Fictionally I think of it as instead of working out of a high tech skyscraper or at least on the executive floor I’m working in a new office, by choice, free of the immediate bureaucracy of the suits.

Ghostbusters Incorporated allows me to reset the site somewhat. It still contains fictional information on starting a franchise, no ghosthead has to contact me or a “franchise agent” to have your group or franchise approved. GB Inc. can still serve as a franchise directory. If their is a new franchise or a group has moved their site, I can be informed in the comments section of the respective franchise’s location page. If it helps your group have fun too, the old GBI forms will be part of the site again.

Ghostbusters Inc. would also allow me or perhaps others to post Ghostbusters news, articles, and franchise events where the lines don’t always have to be blurred. Most people never knew sometimes to make some Ghostbusters news real, it could take hours.

GB Inc., which I’ve been working on since late January has mostly been updated and organized. While the url https://ghostbustersinc.wordpress.com is different, our Twitter account remains the same. Facebook account may be changing and new social media could be created if it makes sense.

Things To Do?

  • 2014 Ghostbusters news and events.
  • Media section would need to be worked on.
  • Last years blog posts may be imported at some point.

I can picture other site developments and they can be brought up depending on how Ghostbusters Incorporated is working out.

Thanks for visiting, reading, and hope you’ll check out the site from time-to-time during the 30th anniversary year.


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