New 30th Anniversary Ecto-1 With Figures


Last Summer Matty Collector, Mattel’s adult collector brand showed off a potential ECTO-1 that could be pre-ordered with two 6″ Ghostbusters figures that would have had removable packs. Business decisions and probably a revaluation of the products caused this SDCC “unveiling” to be cancelled. Previously Mattel’s die cast brand, Hot Wheels Elite had released both ECTO-1 and ECTO-1A in multiple scales with varying degrees of detail and pricing.

For Ghostbusters 30th Anniversary details are starting to surface about a new 1:18 ECTO-1 that may come with figures. They look somewhat like Matty Collector’s 6″ figures. Its unknown publicly if the figures have moveable parts, if the packs are removable, do the doors open to ECTO-1 so they can sit in the die-cast?

Other then what we can see in the picture, this 30th Anniversary edition ECTO-1 with figures is set for a July release. With a retail price of $275 USD.

Many of us already own multiple ECTO-1 die-casts and previous Matty Collector 6″ figures. Is this something you’ll be buying?

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