1980s Inspired Superbowl Radio Shack Commercial Features Slimer


“Call it fate, call it karma…” If the Superbowl (I think we’re safe in calling that) didn’t exist or had been cancelled I wouldn’t give two cares about it. I’ve never been into football, commonly professional (American) football. Most years I do watch at least the Superbowl even when it has meant very little. This year I should have been “all in” as would be champions played in New Jersey where I’m from and live. As I didn’t have related plans, I didn’t watch until late in the game. Thirty seven year old television shows based on comic book characters were of more importance.

I had started watching the Superbowl in time to catch the first airing of Radio Shack‘s 1980s character filled commercial. My market showed Slimer and as soon as I saw it I knew ghostheads and Ghostbusters web sites would be on this immediately. Unfortunately the right site for me to talk about it was “under construction.” None us could have known our childhood was going to be crammed into a 30-60 second spot.

If you haven’t seen the “extended” spot with Slimer, who appears at the very end or want to watch it again, Radio Shack uploaded the commercial to their YouTube channel.


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