New York Toy Fair: Diamond Select Toys Stay-Pufts


From last years NYTF and during San Diego Comic Con Diamond Select Toys made sure ghostheads knew a two foot Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man plastic bank was coming. While I was talking about Ghostbusters merchandise on both Ecto-Containment and the former Ghostbusters International last year I said the following:

Also on display is the upcoming 24” Stay-Puft Marshmallow man. I believe it’s also a bank like its previous smaller versions. As I have other Stay-Pufts, including Matty Collector’s 22” foamy version I don’t really need a plastic 24” Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man that may be able to hold my pennies.

I own Stay-Puft toys and collectibles from under 6″ to 22.” Ghostheads may remember Matty Collector’s foamy version had an unexpected chemical reaction that could/can yellow their Stay-Puft. Fortunately mine hasn’t begun roasting and as Matty Collector charged a pretty penny, I can’t see spending a lot for a slightly bigger plastic one.

DST 24″ Stay-Puft bank will be available with a happy and angry face. It’s expected to ship in late March or early April. With a retail of price of $125 USD. I always recommend researching reputable shops and on-line retailers. It can be pre-ordered from DST site right now.


What’s a little more interesting to me is that Diamond Select Toys decided to shock the ghostheads with a “Battled Damaged”11” Stay-Puft bank. Previously DST has released “un-roasted” happy and angry (red) versions of Stay-Puft banks. To make your bank battle damaged would have required customization. For most of us, its a “do not try this at home or anywhere” kind of situation. Personally if this had been sold during Ghostbusters 20th Anniversary I probably would have wanted this. I know its not their intention, it reminds me of a toy that survived a fire.

If its a collectible you’d like to have, it’s expected to ship this Summer.

What do you think of the 24″ Stay-Puft bank and the “battle damaged” 11 inch Stay Puft? Will you be buying?

Photo Source: Toy Ark


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