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Lack of news updates this month is partially attributed to working on site content. I could have posted smaller posts, I wanted to wait until a certain amount of content had been completed and uploaded. This was also occurring during a barrage of snow storms, changes to health insurance, and of course big Toy Fair news.

In the old incarnation of GBI, the majority of converted print media wasn’t available in PDF format. Basically because I didn’t know I already had software to combine multiple PDF files. Instead of just uploading separate files, through research, trial, and error, what is or was physical books became digital copies for the first time. With the later media I did more then combine PDF files. I’ll talk more about that in this post.

Documentation (Forms)

All previous GBI forms have been updated for GB Inc. These are the new changes.

  • “New Letterhead”
  • Franchise Application can be used for “internal” use within your group’s franchise or to even help start a franchise. It isn’t for “corporate” use so I can make your franchise official. Those days are over.
  • Dr. Venkman “welcome” letter has been updated to something that felt more natural, not just “corporate, universal.” I wasn’t always happy with the corporate letter for something that’s suppose to be “personal.”
  • GB Inc, 8 page contract was updated to remove Ghostbusters International and GBI. Replaced with GHOSTBUSTERS, Ghostbusters Incorporated, and GB Inc.

Ghostbusters Training Manual

  • Converted to PDF file.

Tobins Spirit Guide

  • Original PDF file from Fifthrider was uploaded.
  • Separate color covers weren’t included.
  • One way to make a Tobins Spirit Guide from Fifthrider hasn’t been included. Could be a separate type of update.


  • Quantum Physics and Proton Pack article leaves out Proton Pack diagram because I don’t have the file. It isn’t really needed.


  • Zombies: A Basic Guide converted to a PDF file.

Ghostbusters A Frightfully Cheerful Roleplaying Game

I’ve never owned the original printed material and wasn’t able to scan it. The scans came from other ghoatheads about 10 years ago. I probably did clean up the scans, whether it was from the way the material was scanned or maybe from the original books, text was askew. I cleaned up the scans and as necessary straightened out “crooked” print. It’s not 100% perfect, if you’ve ever downloaded these files before, this is the best version (from GBI/GB Inc.) we’ve ever had.


  • Roleplaying Training Manual re-cleaned, converted to a PDF file.
  • Operations Manual re-cleaned, straightened out any skewed text and images. Converted to a PDF file.

Reference Files

  • Re-cleaned and converted to 4 separate PDF files.

Equipment Cards

  • Re-cleaned and converted to a PDF file.

Ghost Toasties

  • Updated for GB Inc. and converted to a PDF file.

The only other supplemental adventure book I have scans of is Hot Rods Of The Gods. When I can, I’ll go through the scans and convert them.


2 thoughts on “GB Inc. Media

  1. Hi

    I have all the old scans of the complete West End Games Ghostbusters & International Lines.
    Id be glad to send them to you if you wish to clean them up and upload them here.

    The copies of Hot Rod of the Gods & Scared Stiffs but those really need cleaning some of the smaller writing on the handouts is really hard to read.

    1. Thanks for offering your scans. I have scans of Hot Rods of the Gods. They were being worked on for a cleaner version and to make them into one PDF file. I don’t have Scared Stiffs and if you want to share your scans with us, it’d be appreciated.

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