New York Toy Fair: Underground Toys


Underground Toys showed off new and current Ghostbusters merchandise at New York Toy Fair. Underground Toys had previously released Stay-Puft and Slimer plushes in various sizes that play music from Ghostbusters and coffee/tea mugs. Including a “no ghost” logo mug that fades in the ghost when the mug is hot.


New for this year are are “no ghost” logo plushes in varying sizes. If any Underground Toys Ghostbusters plush should play “Ghostbusters,” this would be the one. I only own one “happy face” version of their Stay-Puft. As an adult in my 30s if I didn’t own it, I’d be ok with that. A medium size “no ghost” logo? Its different and feels unique enough as a life long ghosthead and collector.

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New York Toy Fair: Funko Pop Ghostbusters Including Winston

"Four is better then three." - Ray
“Four is better then three.” – Ray

Funko showed of their Pop vinyl Ghostbusters figures, including Winston at New York Toy Fair. With eyes like theirs, Egon could have contact lenses for back up. I like the details with the equipment and as is the norm each Ghostbuster has their own equipment accessory.

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New York Toy Fair: New Factory Entertainment Ghostbusters Shakems Pictures

nytfstaypuftshakeembox took new pictures of Factory Entertainment‘s upcoming Ghostbusters Shakems. Pictures from New York Toy Fair showed Mr. Stay-Puft, Slimer, a variant angry Stay-Puft head, which will be included, and their boxes.

I felt like I also saw pictures of the actual Ghostbusters Shakems too which were being worked on within the last year. If I find out new information about them, I can provide an update.

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New York Toy Fair: Factory Entertainment Write ‘Ems


Factory Entertainment, makers of the upcoming Ghostbusters Shakems and lunchbox showed off a set of Ghostbusters character pens, known as Write ‘Ems. They appear to be small, wide or fat pens that can stand on their own for display too. They look more like collectibles then writing instruments. Slimer reminds me of a candle. It seems Peter Venkman and Slimer Write ‘Ems will come as a set. Its unclear if Factory Entertainment is planning on making more Ghostbusters characters Write ‘Ems.

I don’t know if the rights are already secured or the products are in some production stage. Unless Factory Entertainment knows Write ‘Ems are profitable I’d hold off on selling the other guys as collectible pens.

No further information is available about release date or pricing.

What do you think of these Write ‘Ems? Will you be buying?

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New York Toy Fair: QMX Announces Q-Pop Ghostbusters


QMX, (Quantum Mechanics) makers of Q-Pop figures announced at New York Toy Fair they’ll be producing Ghostbusters Q-Pop figures. Q-Pop Ghostbusters Prototypes weren’t available, (hopefully for future cons) the above four concepts were. From first glance you might think QMX was prepearing a treatment for a new cartoon, perhaps with kid versions of the guys. If you ignore the fact Ray is smoking a cigarette. Which in itself today will be interesting to see if that makes the final version.

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