New York Toy Fair: Funko Pop Ghostbusters Including Winston

"Four is better then three." - Ray
“Four is better then three.” – Ray

Funko showed of their Pop vinyl Ghostbusters figures, including Winston at New York Toy Fair. With eyes like theirs, Egon could have contact lenses for back up. I like the details with the equipment and as is the norm each Ghostbuster has their own equipment accessory.

"These things are real." - Winston
“These things are real.” – Winston

You could be miffed that Winston appears just to have a Proton Pack. Since decision making people seem to think Winston is the default driver for ECTO-1, his “accessory” will be the ECTOMOBILE! Ectomobile? By the picture below and seeing Winston above you could draw the conclusion that any of the Ghostbusters can stand inside ECTO-1.


Sources: gmanfromheck, (Instagram) Stitch Kingdom (Instagram)


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