New York Toy Fair: Underground Toys


Underground Toys showed off new and current Ghostbusters merchandise at New York Toy Fair. Underground Toys had previously released Stay-Puft and Slimer plushes in various sizes that play music from Ghostbusters and coffee/tea mugs. Including a “no ghost” logo mug that fades in the ghost when the mug is hot.


New for this year are are “no ghost” logo plushes in varying sizes. If any Underground Toys Ghostbusters plush should play “Ghostbusters,” this would be the one. I only own one “happy face” version of their Stay-Puft. As an adult in my 30s if I didn’t own it, I’d be ok with that. A medium size “no ghost” logo? Its different and feels unique enough as a life long ghosthead and collector.


Also new for the 30th anniversary are these Ghostbusters iPhone 5/5S looking cell phone cases. They are available to buy today. I’m not sure when the “no ghost” logo plushes will be available or pricing. If you can provide additional information, please leave a comment.

What do you think of the new Underground Toy Ghostbusters merchandise? I don’t mind the official iPhone cell phone cases, I would just have liked to have seen new images, not recycled ones that are “cross platformed” with other licensees.

Photo Sources: Stitch Kingdom, (Instagram)


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