New York Toy Fair: Funko Pop Ecto-1


Not the prettiest picture. Apparently for whatever reason Funko‘s Pop Vinyl ECTO-1 wasn’t on display at New York Toy Fair. Or it was and a picture didn’t surface of it in the nice green back lit display. Funko’s ECTO-1 reminds me of a chopped version of Kenner’s ECTO-1. And a larger version of The Real Ghostbusters soap dish.

I don’t know if this is the final version, and I may be in the minority of ghostheads who aren’t sold on this. I won’t complain if I had to own it. I don’t know if I would buy it, if it wasn’t going to be included with Funko’s version of Winston. One of the positives is it appears any Funko Ghostbusters figure can sit, well stand in ECTO-1. Fortunately too Winston will be able to be displayed on its own. I’m glad the creative minds at Funko thought like how ghostheads and collectors do.

I don’t know yet if because Winston is included with Ecto, or is that the other way around, it’ll cost more. If it doesn’t break the bank, of course I’d like a Pop Vinyl Winston with Ecto-1. Which should be shipping at the end of May or early June.

What do you think of this Ecto-1? If it didn’t come with Winston, would you still buy?

Photo Source: Pop Wars (Webstagram)

Credits: CTS Radio, Proton Charging, Ghostbusters News


One thought on “New York Toy Fair: Funko Pop Ecto-1

  1. According to on-line retailer Big Bad Toy Store (BBTS) Winston with ECTO-1 will be available on April 15 with a low price of $25 USD.

    Thanks to Chris from Proton Charging for sharing BBTS info.

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