Harold Ramis Passes At 69


Note: I’m back tracking this blog post as I’ve known about Harold’s passing since almost the beginning. With how some things were and what I wanted to post, I needed time. I would have thought it would have been before now, its also important to remember life continues.

I like many ghostheads and fans of the actors who portrayed our original movie heroes couldn’t picture a time when we’d talk about them because they’ve passed. That day first came on February 24, 2014 when everyone who would care found out Harold Ramis passed on. When all the news was breaking, I was oblivious as the weekday was kinda like others. I had been working on a yet to be published Ghostbusters Inc. update when my girlfriend and one of my ghosthead friends got in touch with me during the early afternoon. They were the kind of communications where you know someone close has passed. I didn’t quite know how to feel or what to think. It took time to process. It didn’t help that the day was the 24, which is very personal and can have more of an affect on me.

I understand why the Ramis family kept Harold’s illness private as possible. In an immediate “news” and “instant gratification” tabloid culture I’m happy those publications couldn’t report about it in recent years and have a chance to take things out of context or be exploitative. Of course once Harold Ramis passed from autoimmune inflammatory vasculitis some of those “media outlets” were going to report something and talk to Hollywood professionals, at times without notice.

Harold Ramis was one of writers, directors, and actors who shaped my life. It could stand to reason if Dan Aykroyd’s Ghostbusters (without Harold Ramis) had been made I still would have loved Ghostbusters. I probably wouldn’t have understood it as much because of the heavier science fiction elements. Who knows if that version would have lead to The Real Ghostbusters which in childhood continued to keep Ghostbusters dear to me well into adulthood.

Ghostbusters was the first non animated movie I saw in theaters and comedy. Without knowing it at 6 years old Harold Ramis (naturally not alone) began to teach me about comedy. Even if I didn’t truly understand the adult humor until I was much older. We’re fortunate that Ghostbusters was written and acted by people who came from different “comedy troupes.” As the expression can go, “Funny is funny.” Because of my age, sometimes their “brand of humor” shaped the type of comedies I could like from the 1980s. Not some of the “80s raunch” though. I’m glad Ghostbusters didn’t really go in that direction. We know Stripes could practically be a prequel to Ghostbusters. We all love Bill Murray, it can’t be denied Harold Ramis gave Bill Murray’s characters direction.

Harold Ramis didn’t know it, Ghostbusters and his other movies got me into other interests, helped me through tough times, and assisted in making “real friendships.” I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Harold Ramis is remembered, respected, and honored by those who knew him.

Richard Roy aka Spengs

Photo Source: Biography


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