30th Anniversary: Hardee’s Ghostbusters II Banner


This past weekend a ghosthead I know of in England was showing off his latest Ghostbusters collectible, Kenner’s Ecto-Plazm. While talking about it, someone thought it was a “tub” of ice cream. I didn’t make the immediate Ghostbusters related connection. It wasn’t long before I was remembering that in a way there was a time people could buy ‘Slimer Sundaes’ from American fast food chain, Hardee’s.

Before everyone knew Ghostbusters II wasn’t going to be as good as Ghostbusters (“Oh, that’s harsh Rich.” – Everyone born between 1984 to 1989) Columbia Pictures, Coca~Cola, and Hardee’s put major bank into cross promotional tie ins. This isn’t a slight against Hardee’s as the restaurant chain wasn’t and isn’t close to where I live. If I’ve ever eaten at one, its been about 17 years. I have no idea why the Coca~Cola/Columbia Pictures consortium chose Hardee’s over perhaps fast…

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