Ecto Pod (cast) Episode 2


Ghostheads, turned podcast personalities have recorded episode 2 of the new Ghostbusters podcast, Ecto Pod. I haven’t personally listed yet, hopefully more Ghostbusters radio is more gooder.

Previously Ecto Pod interviewed actress, writer, and producer Robin Shelby.

Show Description:

The boys are back again, bringing your monthly dose of Ghostbusters. Join Nick, Phil, Josh, and Doug, as they dive head first into the Ghostbusters 3 news, discuss Matty Collector’s Neutrino wand, plug some fans in need, and nerd out with Pop! Funko. You can contact The Ecto Pod by facebook: or

Here are the links discussed in Tobin’s Spirit Guide:

-Rick Moranis now:

-Lego cuussoo project:

-funko release:

Sources: Ecto Pod (Website) Ecto Pod Facebook


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