John Carlos McMaster Funko Pop Ghostbusters Review

“I’m so cute, you will buy me!”

Funko Pop collector and reviewer John Carlos McMaster bought and made a video reviewing his Funko Pop Vinyl Ghostbusters figures. John gives a honest review as a ghosthead and collector, down to possible flaws these figures could come with.

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IDW Issue #15 Preview

On the way to buy Issue #15.
On the way to buy Issue #15.

Dan Schoening tweeted:

Who does your taxes? Find out Wednesday at your local comic shop! #15

For more of a preview (potential spoilers) check out Spook Central‘s Facebook album.

Ghostbusters Issue #15 goes on sale Wednesday, April 30, 2014 at finer comic book shops and retailers everywhere!

Photo Source: Dan Schoening

Ghostbusters Monthly Volume 2, Issue 19 Cover Art

Dan Schoening tweeted:

Ghostbusters #19 Regular cover… Try to understand, this is a high voltage laser containment system…


The first time The Real Ghostbusters used hand print and voice ID technology was during season 1, episode 3 titled Mrs. Roger’s Neighborhood.

Related Link: Ecto-Containment ECU Tech

Photo Source: Dan Schoening

Slimer On The Verge


Dear Gallery 1988,

We’re very sorry Onionhead (more commonly known as Slimer) left our corporate headquarters, made his way to the Ghostbusters 30th Anniversary art show and left a trail of ectoplasmic residue on the walls, ceilings, and some of the fantastic art work.

Our skilled and experienced Ghostbusters have been to Gallery 1988 to bring Slimer back, with as minimal damage as possible. We’ll take care of, at no expense to your gallery, artists, and patrons clean up of aforementioned premises and valuable art work using state of the art methods.

If their are additional expenses, let us know at your earliest convenience. Our senior administrative and financial officer will expedite a wire transfer.

Again, we’re very sorry.

Sincerely, Richard Roy, Chief Operating Officer

Photo Source: The Verge

Econpop Analyzes Ghostbusters


Even though Ghostbusters Incorporated never heard, asked, or invited Andrew Heaton to our skyscraper HQ before today, he took it upon himself to look at the economics of GHØSTBUSTERS….from thirty years ago. I mean financially we have nothing to hide, a public global company’s financial records are available.

It would have seemed unusual for John Q. Public to just want to analyze original funding like this. Yeah, we’re wealthier then an apple server farm. It isn’t like we’re currently dealing with law suits on multiple continents…that I know of. Before Louis could draft court papers, Dr. Venkman asked me to watch the video.

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Ghostbusters Monthly Volume 2, Issue 18 Cover Art

Tristan Jones tweeted:

Ghostbusters #18’s cover has finally been solicited so that means I can show it! My Harold Ramis tribute cover…

Since he can show his tribute cover, we’re honored to share his art on Ghostbusters Incorporated.



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Brainstorm Gear Cycling Ghostbusters Jersey


Brainstorm Gear, a cycling and active wear apparel company have released their new Ghostbusters “Slimer” cycling Jersey. Previously they’ve made Star Trek cycling jerseys, hats, and t-shirts.

Except for the “stock” Slimer graphic which is on the back of the jersey, I’m really liking this. If this existed before I had my first car in 1996, I would have continued cycling on my Specialized race/road bike for much longer.

Brainstorm has two versions, one for men, one for the ladies.

Hopefully Brainstorm Ghostbusters hats aren’t far behind.

Both are available now with a retail price of $89.99 USD.

Photo Source: Brainstorm Gear

Gallery 1988′s Ghostbusters Art


Who ya gonna draw? *groans*

If you weren’t able to attend the opening of Gallery 1988‘s Ghostbusters 30th Anniversary Art in New York City, our friends at Nerd Evolution filmed a video to share with ghostheads around the world.

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30th Anniversary Ghostbusters Record


Tomorrow is Record Store Day. As part of people who appreciate vinyl over digital, a new 30th Anniversary limited edition Ghostbusters record will hopefully be available at participating record and speciality shops. This collectible record (and yeah I almost wrote CD) features Ray Parker Jr.’s hit movie theme, Ghostbusters. Which was #1 on Billboard’s hits August 11-25, 1984.

This new glow in the dark record also features “rare” dance mixes. From being a ghosthead on the internet since the ’90s I’d be surprise if no one has never uploaded the dance mixes to the internets.

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