Econpop Analyzes Ghostbusters


Even though Ghostbusters Incorporated never heard, asked, or invited Andrew Heaton to our skyscraper HQ before today, he took it upon himself to look at the economics of GHØSTBUSTERS….from thirty years ago. I mean financially we have nothing to hide, a public global company’s financial records are available.

It would have seemed unusual for John Q. Public to just want to analyze original funding like this. Yeah, we’re wealthier then an apple server farm. It isn’t like we’re currently dealing with law suits on multiple continents…that I know of. Before Louis could draft court papers, Dr. Venkman asked me to watch the video.

If you’re reading Mr. Heaton, you can once again relax.

Andrew Heaton besides being a comedian, (send tickets to 51 W. 30th St.) looks into the economic themes in pop culture and entertainment. In a recent episode of Econpop he analyzed the finances it took to start Ghostbusters, maintain the original business, and how government bureaucracy effected growth on the future of Ghostbusters. His information and subsequent analysis seems to have come from Ghostbusters™ and without further research plus probably interviews only tells part of the story.

Source: Moving Pictures Institute


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