Stay-Puft Lego Man



Brent Waller, who invented the Cuusoo Lego’s 30th Anniversary Ghostbusters playset is back with a new Ghostbusters Lego Cuusso idea.

Ray use to roast Stay-Puft Marshmallows at Camp Waconda when he was a kid. Thirty years later because of Ghostbusters I use to make Stay-Puft out of marshmallows and tooth picks. During Ghostbusters 30th Anniversary now I want to build Mr. Stay-Puft out of non edible white, blue, and red Legos.

It can’t happen if we don’t support Brent again and buy the official Ghostbusters Ecto-1 Lego set with mini figures due this June. Once the campaign reaches 10,000 votes Lego will harmonize the universe and make a decision to move forward with this.


The follow up to my Ghostbusters: 30th Anniversary Project, The Stay Puft Marshmallow Man!

He may looking cute and friendly but this is no mere chunky sailor. As the physical manifestation of the Sumerian demonic deity…

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Ivan Reitman Provides More Insight On Ghostbusters III


In America (and probably elsewhere) its April Fools Day. A day that originally came about because newspaper delivery and social media didn’t exist. Neither did computers come to think of it. A lot of people in 1582 (402 years before Ghostbusters was completed and in theaters!) didn’t know their governments and faith dictated New Years was now and forever to be 4 months earlier. Somehow people who didn’t know this ended up as part of a practical joke.

Four Hundred and Thirty Two Years later I’m writing a post with new insights about Ghostbusters III. This isn’t an April Fool’s joke.

Fred Topel from CraveOnline interviewed Ivan Reitman. Any interview with someone involved with Ghostbusters is always asked about a third Ghostbusters movie. It was short, not pointless. See what I did their?

On 3D and film title?

Certainly there’s been a lot of talk about doing Ghostbusters 3 in 3D as well, and I don’t think we’ll call it Ghostbusters 3 either.

If the story is more important then the effects (something Bill Murray felt let Ghostbusters II down) and it makes sense for say a confinement stream to be 3D, I’m ok with it. Hopefully we won’t need the glasses.

Since ghostheads and everyone else have been calling Ghostbusters III, Ghostbusters III or 3 since President Bush was in office, this movie has been in “pre production” since another Bush was in office, it would be very smart for Ghostbusters III to be called something else. Along the lines of what Star Trek or The Terminator franchises have and are doing.

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