No Ghost Logo Sign Sequel


Pictures are circulating this weekend answering and raising more questions about the change in signage to my employers beautiful Firehouse HQ when they returned to business as not as usual in the late ’80s.

If you saw or are just seeing the horrifying picture of the iconic Ghostbusters sign from these photos, rest assured the Ghostbusters logo sign that hangs outside the firehouse (as seen in Ghostbusters as well) still exists unscathed, more or less.

When my employers went back into business (for marketing) a new “Ghostbusters II” sign was ordered and used. Believe it or not the original sign had been in storage within the damaged firehouse for over 5 years. When Hollywood came a calling, a new sign was perfect for a sequel, marketing, and promotion. Its easy to overthink, Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramis wrote an explanation for a change in signage.

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Ghostbusters Italia Fun Mobs Italian Library


When Ghostbusters Italia plan something, they’re all in, or why do something? For Ghostbusters upcoming 30th Anniversary members of this Italian franchise and Italian company Fun Mob got together to surprise these students and put on a “fake electronic light show.”

All part of a Ghostbusters flash mob. Probably the only ones surprised by dancing Ghostbusters/ghostheads were the Italians that were in the area.

You’ve made this Italian American ghosthead/Ghostbuster proud. I don’t know what that cost, pretty sure someone owes GB Inc. mandatory fees.

Photo Source: Funmob Italia

Complete Interview With Ryan French Aka The Rookie


Ryan French is the Associate Producer for Ghostbusters: The Video Game and is the original male “Rookie” that many of us played when we wanted to be a video game Ghostbuster alongside the Ghostbusters.

During the marketing and promotion of GB: The Video Game, Ryan French discussed his involvement. Previously clips from the interview were uploaded. During Ghostbusters 30th Anniversary the complete 9 minute (I rounded up) interview is available thanks to fatdroid who previously brought us the Ghostbusters movie alternate takes commercial.

Photo Source: fatdroid

Custom Ghostbusters Lego City


Ghostbusters International are 4 days from the official Ghostbusters ECTO-1 Lego with mini figures going on sale. What does one ghosthead and custom Lego builder do to pass the time while the rest of us wait? Build..a…Ghostbusters…Lego City!

I’ll let that sink in for a moment or 11.

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Custom Funko Pop Peter Venkman


When I could be working on these web sites, I’m checking a popular auction site for Ghostbusters instead. At times its the same new and old collectibles. Their will be times one can come across a custom item. Such was the case when I saw a slimed version of a Funko Pop Vinyl Peter Venkman.

It wasn’t because I was on this auction site I didn’t post about it sooner. As this auction had ended and I didn’t see this posted on Ghostbusters sites, I wanted to show this artists work.

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Ghostbusters 30th Anniversary Limited Print For Sale


Gallery nineteen eighty eight and artist Scott C. are selling the above limited Ghostbusters print as part of Ghostbusters 30th Anniversary. It goes on sale tonight at midnight ET/9 PM PT. It’ll be available until May 30 for $70 USD.

Photo Source: Gallery nineteen eighty eight 30th Anniversary

IDW Issue #16 Preview

G-Men: Days Of Present Future?

Comic Vine has posted once exclusive images from the upcoming ongoing Ghostbusters #16. Which is part IV in the Mass Hysteria arc.

For preview pages visit their site and Spook Central’s Facebook album for a more in-depth look at Volume 2, Issue #16.

On-sale in finer comic book shops and on-line retailers on Wednesday, May 28, 2014!

Photo Source: Comic Vine

ECTO-1 Replica Part Of A&E’s Shipping Wars


I use to really enjoy Shipping Wars, a welcome departure from the 11 storage locker shows networks usually bring to audiences. Somewhere between seasons, finding out the fakeness of their other ‘Wars’ show, and not watching their Dynasty, I didn’t continue to DVR Shipping Wars.

I didn’t originally know (they don’t tell me enough around here) on June 3, 2014 a new season of oversize shipping and bidding begins again. Which includes the above ECTO-1 replica. This ECTO-1 replica which isn’t an exact screen used version was auctioned in November 2013. For the hefty sum of $83k!

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