Ghostbusters Ultimate Hero Pack Coming To France

ghostbusters+2frenchblu has a pre-order for a Ghostbusters/Ghostbusters II “Ultimate Hero Pack” gift set. Normally this wouldn’t be a big deal as Sony (and presumably their international partners) have sold both hit films in the ectoplasmic packaging with a gift before.

What makes this really newsworthy that ironically France is not only getting Ghostbusters on Blu-ray, but Ghostbusters II on Blu-ray as well. As far as anyone on planet Earth knows, this is the first time Ghostbusters II will be released on a high definition format. Further details about whether this Ghostbusters II Blu-ray will have any special features haven’t surfaced. We may not really know until a French ghosthead (or someone who speaks or read French) has this Ultimate Hero Pack in their possession. See what I did their?

This French Blu-ray pack (an Amazon French exclusive) will retail for €80 Euros and some change. Or about $110 USD.


For €80 and some change French ghostheads will also receive a Slimer/”No Ghost” logo statue. Sure to become a collectible and something people will sell for too much money on popular auction sites.

Will North America and other markets see some kind of “hero” set with Ghostbusters II on Blu-ray? Or just Ghostbusters II on Blu? As a collective fan base we don’t know yet, time will tell.

If you’re able to buy and watch this set and want the included gift, it can be pre-ordered right now on It will ship on September 3, 2014.

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