Sony Preparing For Ghostbusters 30th Anniversary


Sony Pictures is revving their metaphorical ECTO-1 engine (well I suppose they could run their actual car) for Ghostbusters 30th Anniversary. Admittedly I don’t exactly know what that means. Even though I am the COO and haven’t signed any non disclosure documentation I’m about to last to know what’s going on. Unless Dr. Venkman isn’t reading his inter-office email. The executive above me is Louis Tully, C.F.O. You know how excited he can get, even he isn’t talking.

When I know and allowed to talk about any on-goings I will. Even if we’re the 11th site to post about something.

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Domo Releasing Ghostbusters Collectibles


I’ve seen ‘Domo’ products before, haven’t really known about them. I really got off the train (what train?) to my mid thirties a year ago. I guess I thought it was something the kids are into, like Minecraft.

I didn’t know Domo is a product of Japan. Which may add to its coolness when combined with Ghostbusters.™ Basically Domo will create iconic scenes from Ghostbusters with their big brown furry one.

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