Sony Preparing For Ghostbusters 30th Anniversary


Sony Pictures is revving their metaphorical ECTO-1 engine (well I suppose they could run their actual car) for Ghostbusters 30th Anniversary. Admittedly I don’t exactly know what that means. Even though I am the COO and haven’t signed any non disclosure documentation I’m about to last to know what’s going on. Unless Dr. Venkman isn’t reading his inter-office email. The executive above me is Louis Tully, C.F.O. You know how excited he can get, even he isn’t talking.

When I know and allowed to talk about any on-goings I will. Even if we’re the 11th site to post about something.

Publicly it appears the first thing Sony Pictures did was have their graphics department (good people over there) create the above cover, presumably for their Ghostbusters Facebook page.

Winston seems to be absent from battling the Librarian ghost. However, to be fair, three of my employers didn’t even know Winston yet if one overlooks why the guys are fully suited up, finally busting the one ghost that made them lose their self respect until they were back on University grounds. Hopefully upcoming marketing will feature all 4 guys. How about one with 5 people? One could be a vague rookie. Or a guy with the handle Spengs.

Photo Source: Sony/Ghostbusters (Facebook)


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