Custom Funko Pop Peter Venkman


When I could be working on these web sites, I’m checking a popular auction site for Ghostbusters instead. At times its the same new and old collectibles. Their will be times one can come across a custom item. Such was the case when I saw a slimed version of a Funko Pop Vinyl Peter Venkman.

It wasn’t because I was on this auction site I didn’t post about it sooner. As this auction had ended and I didn’t see this posted on Ghostbusters sites, I wanted to show this artists work.

If you’re the artist and would like to talk more about it or you’re the buyer and would like to show it off, feel free to leave a comment and/or reach out through our sometimes social media accounts.

slimepopeter2 slimepopeter3

Photos Source: 954killa356 eBay auction


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