No Ghost Logo Sign Sequel


Pictures are circulating this weekend answering and raising more questions about the change in signage to my employers beautiful Firehouse HQ when they returned to business as not as usual in the late ’80s.

If you saw or are just seeing the horrifying picture of the iconic Ghostbusters sign from these photos, rest assured the Ghostbusters logo sign that hangs outside the firehouse (as seen in Ghostbusters as well) still exists unscathed, more or less.

When my employers went back into business (for marketing) a new “Ghostbusters II” sign was ordered and used. Believe it or not the original sign had been in storage within the damaged firehouse for over 5 years. When Hollywood came a calling, a new sign was perfect for a sequel, marketing, and promotion. Its easy to overthink, Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramis wrote an explanation for a change in signage.

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