Ghostbusters 30th Anniversary Screenings


The last time Sony Pictures officially screened Ghostbusters nationwide in theaters was during October 2011. Unfortunately (unless its still to be announced, I like to be optimistic) we and ghostheads collectively haven’t heard about any official 30th Anniversary Ghostbusters screenings from Sony Pictures.

I am aware of at least a couple of Ghostbusters screenings in North America. Along with the global viewing on June 7, 2014. I may not be able to continuously update with additional screenings as they pop up. I’m asking if you’re a ghosthead and/or part of a franchise and if you’ll be at a “franchise gathering” for Ghostbusters screenings to leave a comment on this post and/or our Facebook account.

Photo Source: Sony/Ghostbusters (Facebook)


Ghostbusters Lego ECTO-1 Available Today


This is it, this is definitely it!

The 30th Anniversary official Lego Ghostbusters ECTO-1 is available for sale today from Lego Stores and on-line retailers such as Amazon.

To no one surprise here and this week, the set is already #1 and selling well. Ghostbusters Inc. store Slimes Square will be receiving a shipment this week.

Time will tell if sales could be an indication of Lego producing a Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man Lego set and/or additional Ghostbusters Lego Ideas.

Where To Buy/Order

Amazon US and Target US (on-line) are selling these sets too. Toys ‘R Us was, the page was taken down before yesterday. If you know of additional retailers (brick & mortar or on-line) please list them in the comments. Please, we don’t need to hear about third party sellers on eBay or elsewhere who are selling these “rare” new and popular sets with high, unnecessary mark ups.

Photo Source: First Showing