Episode Review: Take Two

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Heading into Ghostbusters 30th Anniversary I wanted to pay tribute to the beloved film in a The Real Ghostbusters way. Two first season episodes related to the film immediately came to mind. Episode 10, Take Two and Episode 11, Citizen Ghost. I debated for about 11 seconds which I should review. It seemed a little more fitting to watch and write about Take Two, written by J. Michael Straczynski.

It wasn’t quite meant to be this way, the review format is a mix between the way I originally reviewed episodes and the way I scaled them back in recent years. Either way for the amount of times I watched Take Two, I could have watched Ghostbusters more then once.

If my schedule allows, I’d really like to review Citizen Ghost before Ghostbusters actual 30th Anniversary. Either way its the next episode I’ll be reviewing.

Take Two

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