Episode Review: Citizen Ghost

For your 30th Anniversary reading pleasure.



In recent years I’ve talked about and described Season 1, Episode 11, Citizen Ghost. Which is The Real Ghostbusters sequel to Ghostbusters. This is a favorite episode (even with Slimer 😉 ) that gives additional history of The (Real) Ghostbusters and how Slimer came to live with with guys who bust ghosts for a living, and received the name Slimer.

After reviewing the filming of Ghostbusters with Take Two this past week and to honor Ghostbusters 30th Anniversary at Ecto-Containment I really wanted to review Citizen Ghost. I spent a lot of time writing today, put my passion as a ghosthead into my review, and had fun, arguably more fun then writing about Take Two.

Enjoy Citizen Ghost for your Ghostbusters 30th (and next year The Real Ghostbusters 30th) anniversary!

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Short, But Not Pointless


People Magazine (it’ll always be a magazine to me) celebrated Ghostbusters 30th Anniversary by talking to Annie Potts, who for ghostheads is well known for playing our then receptionist, today Senior Administrator Janine Melnitz.

Here are some things from the conversation:

  • Finds Ghostbusters fans who suit up in flight suits and wear prop replicas “interesting.”
  • She had “the best time” working with Harold Ramis.
  • Bill Murray “would win the prize” for being the funniest guy in any room.
  • Her children don’t care she played a very important person to this day in one of the highest grossing comedies based on real life events.

That’s how I read that last one anyway.

  • Favorite personal character Ghostbusters quote comes from her frustration with Dr. Venkman not hiring more help which means Janine can’t take a day off.

For the short chat/interview, click here.

Photo Source: People (Magazine)