New Ghostbusters 4k Blus On Amazon Pre-Order


When Sony announced a limited edition Blu-ray gift set we didn’t know yet if either or both movies would be released individually. From past product experience I figured their would be individual releases too. Naturally a gift set which contains new content, Ghostbusters II with features should for a little while take precedence.  Not every ghosthead wants or needs a collectible gift or a box set which retails for a cool Benjamin Franklin. For that kind of money we could buy other Ghostbusters merchandise. (US) along with the Blu-ray gift set has listed three additional Ghostbusters Blu-ray products depending on your wants or needs.

  1. Ghostbusters 4k-Mastered
  2. Ghostbusters II 4k-Mastered
  3. Ghostbusters/Ghostbusters II 4-K Mastered “Digi Book”

Both Ghostbusters/II single releases can be pre-ordered at $13.99 USD each and the “digi book” can be pre-ordered for $18.99 over retail prices. These three releases will be available on September 16, 2014.

Credit: Spook Central

Photos Sources: Amazon US


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