The Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man’s Simulated Damage


If we had known Dr. Stantz was going to think of something harmless that would never hurt them and then that thought was going to manifest into a 100 foot marshmallow man that was going to cause physical damage to New York City; we would have liked to know what this damage was going to be.

Thirty years later, millions of dollars, and lawsuits makes this kinda late. However, should a product mascot and logo materialize into a very large manifestation to stomp through NYC, thanks to Cube Cities, we’ll all have a much better idea of the damage it can cause to infrastructure and our massively deep wallets.

Cube Cities CEO Greg Angevine explains further:

The point of the exercise was to show how this kind of 3-D mapping, built on a Google Earth platform and detailing damage down to the individual floors of a building, would work in any disaster scenario. Imagine a gas main breaks in the street, or an 18-wheeler goes careening into a glass lobby. Angevine says that Cube Cities builds these kinds of maps so they can partner with municipal fire or police departments, which then can use them to communicate damage to the press or other response teams.

News Source: Fast Company

Original Source: Cube Cities


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