IDW Publishing To Release Final Ghostbusters Ongoing


To the general surprise of ghostheads IDW Publishing kinda casually announced the monthly ongoing Ghostbusters comic will be ending this September with Issue 20. Although it is the final comic in the series, it doesn’t mean during Ghostbusters 30th Anniversary at least the characters couldn’t appear in a multi part story.

I was a little surprised by this news, the only downer during the anniversary up to now. This was kinda expected. Outside of ghostheads, who else was or is really buying the ongoing and keeping up with the ongoing Ghostbusters comics as much as ghostheads do? The catch 22, it was made for ghostheads really by ghostheads. Perhaps it could be different and more retailers could support the comic and more if their was a current Ghostbusters movie, cartoon series, and/or toys in national retail stores.

Personally I own many (not all) of IDW Publishing Ghostbusters comics. When “new” (volume 2) Ghostbusters was out, I was still behind on buying the comics as one of my nearest comic shops was almost always sold out. With the 30th Anniversary and Mass Hysteria arc I’ve been buying them just about every month. Even if I end up buying on-line, I’ll be buying more comics this Summer.

Photo Source: Previews World


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