Mattel Releases Preview Images of 1:18 Scale ECTO-1 With Figures

This past February I posted about Mattel/Hot Wheel’s 30th Anniversary ECTO-1 with figures. Which was barely close up and the item was in a case. Now Mattel has released some detailed pictures of what 1:18 ECTO-1 and especially these Ghostbusters figures will look like.

mattel30thpeterfig mattel30thrayfigure mattel30thegonfig mattel30thwinstonfig

If Matty Collector, Mattel’s adult collector brand had never made more detailed 6 and 12 inch Ghostbusters figures within the last 5 years, these are passable for possibly static figures that are meant for display purposes. If these are the final production figures and they’re being compared to the stand alone figures, its easy to nitpick. Does anyone else feel like these could be knock offs of the $22/25 USD figures?


The reason anyone would buy this expensive collectible is for the 1:18 ECTO-1. As I’ve said about die casts ECTO-1s, most ghostheads already have multiple scales of either ECTO-1, ECTO 1A, or both. I don’t own either of the 1:18 Mattel/Hot Wheels ECTO-1s this is based off of. At this point I’d probably just buy the 1:18 Heritage for under $70 USD.

It’s safe to say most ghostheads have multiple Matty Collector 6 and 12 inch figures as well. No matter the level of fandom, at $274.99 USD (Free shipping? :D) I feel this is for the kind of collector that has to have these kinds of items.

The “cult favorite” Hot Wheels ECTO-1 with figures and 30th anniversary display base is expected to be available later this Summer.

Photo Sources: Hot Wheels Elite


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