Ivan Reitman’s Restaurant To Offer Marshmallow Inspired Dessert


Ivan Reitman is expanding his cinema horizons with a new restaurant in the Toronto area. What would a restaurant be without desserts? When you’re associated with Ghostbusters and have your own restaurant, wisely one of those desserts is going to be based off Ghostbusters. Of course more specifically something made from or with marshmallows, Stay-Puft Marshmallows!

Here’s what Ivan Reitman had to say about it.

“We haven’t perfected it yet, but it’s going to be some kind of exploding marshmallow thing.”

Source: The Huffington Post (Canada)


River Of Green Slime

Artistic, stylistic, or separation for sequels sake, we may never know. For twenty five years Ghostbusters II has had the iconic shampoo looking pink slime. You may not have been aware that in promotional material before and after Ghostbusters II was and had been in theaters the famed river of slime was in fact green. I believe the real historical “mood slime” was always a pinkish color. That may still be classified and I’m sure I can’t discuss it publicly.

Observe Dan Aykroyd as Dr. Ray Stantz discovering a river of green slime:

In NOW c o m i c s The Real Ghostbusters Starring In Ghostbusters II, the river of slime was also illustrated green in Part III.

YouTube Source: P2P Productions

Comics Source: Ecto-Containment

New Ghostbusters 4k Blus On Amazon Pre-Order


When Sony announced a limited edition Blu-ray gift set we didn’t know yet if either or both movies would be released individually. From past product experience I figured their would be individual releases too. Naturally a gift set which contains new content, Ghostbusters II with features should for a little while take precedence.  Not every ghosthead wants or needs a collectible gift or a box set which retails for a cool Benjamin Franklin. For that kind of money we could buy other Ghostbusters merchandise.

Amazon.com (US) along with the Blu-ray gift set has listed three additional Ghostbusters Blu-ray products depending on your wants or needs.

  1. Ghostbusters 4k-Mastered
  2. Ghostbusters II 4k-Mastered
  3. Ghostbusters/Ghostbusters II 4-K Mastered “Digi Book”

Both Ghostbusters/II single releases can be pre-ordered at $13.99 USD each and the “digi book” can be pre-ordered for $18.99 over retail prices. These three releases will be available on September 16, 2014.

Credit: Spook Central

Photos Sources: Amazon US

When Ghostbusters Had An Official Fan Club

I was too young unfortunately to remember hearing or seeing anything about Ghostbusters having a fan club in 1984. In 1985 my parents bought me a copy of The Official Ghostbusters Training Manual. Where it may have been advertised. I wouldn’t have remembered even the manual in detail until adulthood. Because they were closer in age I knew all about The Real Ghostbusters comics from NOW c o m i c s and The Real Ghostbusters Magazine(s).

As Ghostbusters grew older with me in an age before the internet an official fan club wasn’t in my Ghostbusters memory files. Unless it was just in the Official Training Manual I saw the fan club advertised in the role playing game books from West End Games in my 20s. I remember when I came across an ad and saw Ghostbusters magazine I was thinking why hasn’t any ghosthead seen these on-line?

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Episode Review: Citizen Ghost

For your 30th Anniversary reading pleasure.



In recent years I’ve talked about and described Season 1, Episode 11, Citizen Ghost. Which is The Real Ghostbusters sequel to Ghostbusters. This is a favorite episode (even with Slimer 😉 ) that gives additional history of The (Real) Ghostbusters and how Slimer came to live with with guys who bust ghosts for a living, and received the name Slimer.

After reviewing the filming of Ghostbusters with Take Two this past week and to honor Ghostbusters 30th Anniversary at Ecto-Containment I really wanted to review Citizen Ghost. I spent a lot of time writing today, put my passion as a ghosthead into my review, and had fun, arguably more fun then writing about Take Two.

Enjoy Citizen Ghost for your Ghostbusters 30th (and next year The Real Ghostbusters 30th) anniversary!

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Short, But Not Pointless


People Magazine (it’ll always be a magazine to me) celebrated Ghostbusters 30th Anniversary by talking to Annie Potts, who for ghostheads is well known for playing our then receptionist, today Senior Administrator Janine Melnitz.

Here are some things from the conversation:

  • Finds Ghostbusters fans who suit up in flight suits and wear prop replicas “interesting.”
  • She had “the best time” working with Harold Ramis.
  • Bill Murray “would win the prize” for being the funniest guy in any room.
  • Her children don’t care she played a very important person to this day in one of the highest grossing comedies based on real life events.

That’s how I read that last one anyway.

  • Favorite personal character Ghostbusters quote comes from her frustration with Dr. Venkman not hiring more help which means Janine can’t take a day off.

For the short chat/interview, click here.

Photo Source: People (Magazine)

Sony Pictures Entertainment Press Release

gbuspost ghostbustersboxsetpackshot2

Sony Pictures Entertainment full press release. Thanks to our business partner Sony for sending it.


Theatrical Re-release Hits Theaters August 29;
Blu-ray Anniversary Editions of “Ghostbusters” and “Ghostbusters II” Available September 16

CULVER CITY, Calif. (June 5, 2014) – Sony Pictures Entertainment will celebrate the 30th anniversary of its blockbuster franchise Ghostbusters with a series of special events and home entertainment releases. As a highlight of the celebration, the original 1984 film has been restored and remastered in 4K and will be returning to the big screen, in over 700 locations in the United States and Canada, for a limited engagement starting August 29 (Labor Day weekend).

Commenting on the announcement, Rory Bruer, president, Worldwide Distribution for Sony Pictures, said, “Ghostbusters is still one of our studio’s most beloved franchises – I was lucky enough to work on the release of the film on its first run, so it’s a real thrill for me to see that it’s still connecting with audiences everywhere. On the big screen or in home entertainment, this is a great movie to experience again and again.”

Following the theatrical release of the film, on September 16, fans will be able to own the Ghostbusters 30th Anniversary Edition on Blu-ray and the Ghostbusters II 25th Anniversary Edition, as that film makes its Blu-ray debut. The Sony Pictures Home Entertainment releases of the films will also be available in a two-disc anniversary edition Blu-ray™ Digibook including both films, as well as a Limited Edition gift set that includes an exclusive collectible Slimer figurine and the two-disc Digibook. This special gift set will only be available for a very limited time, with the collectible Slimer figurine being a true must-have for fans. Both films have been fully restored and remastered in 4K and will be presented in high definition on Blu-ray from those 4K sources.

Both the Ghostbusters and Ghostbusters II Blu-rays come loaded with exclusive bonus materials, including revealing conversations with director Ivan Reitman and Dan Aykroyd, as well as never-before-seen deleted scenes from Ghostbusters II and more. The Ghostbusters anniversary edition features the original music video of the Oscar® nominated song “Ghostbusters” by Ray Parker Jr., while Ghostbusters II includes the original music video for “On Our Own” by Bobby Brown. In addition, Ghostbusters will contain all previously released legacy content, commentary and an interactive Slimer Mode, offering fans a picture-in-picture graphical viewing experience.

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New Ghostbusters.com Site


Global viewings, re-releasing to theaters, collectible Blu-ray gift set, but how about an updated web site? I had been wondering if Sony Pictures would be adding content for Ghostbusters 30th Anniversary. I need wonder no more because Sony unveiled a teaser site of sorts to inform ghostheads a new Ghostbusters.com is coming soon.

Content coming to Ghostbusters.com will include:

  • Never before seen clips.
  • Newly released 30th Anniversary Photos.

Something that is new and is already available to see and buy from for your collecting pleasure is Sony’s Ghostbusters on-line store! For the store’s launch, everything is 10% off when you use the code: GHOST10.

Their goes my allowance!

Photo Source: Ghostbusters.com

Ghostbusters Limited Edition Blu-ray Gift Set


Sony Pictures announcing Ghostbusters will be re-released to theaters this August is big news. Merchandise aside, that could be enough. How does the studio behind Ghostbusters put the icing on the marshmallow? Announce something just as big that ghostheads have been pretty much been waiting for since 1999.

GHOSTBUSTERS II with Special Features!

This is so important, its been emphasized with a 1990s red font! 😀

Sony Pictures Home Entertainment is releasing Ghostbusters and Ghostbusters II (for the first time on Blu-ray) as part of a collectible limited edition gift set. Both movies have been “mastered in 4k,” contain new features, and comes with a exclusive Slimer figurine.

Rory Bruer, president, Worldwide Distribution for Sony Pictures, said,

Ghostbusters’ is still one of our studio’s most beloved franchises ñ I was lucky enough to work on the release of the film on its first run, so itís a real thrill for me to see that itís still connecting with audiences everywhere. On the big screen or in home entertainment, this is a great movie to experience again and again.

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