Chronic Collectibles Reveals 1/4 Scale Terror Dog


Chronicle Collectibles have been working on a 1/4 scale Terror Dog. Unlike N.E.C.A’s toy versions from a decade ago, Chronicle Collectibles has been working with the original molds by Randy Cook. Which were used during the filming of Ghostbusters!

More from Chronicle Collectibles:

Cast from Randy Cook’s original molds we are proud to announce our 1/4
scale Terror Dog. Randy is our newest Legacy Series member and we hope to have more products from Randy’s vast career listed soon.

Terror Dog is 1/4 scale and almost 24″ long, 15″ wide, 11″ tall at the crest of his head, this is one big puppy.

Will be released in two versions, regular and signature editions. The regular Edition will have an estimated retail of $499.99 for the full price pre-pay. No price set for the signature editions yet and as always you can take advantage of our easy payment plans.

Terror Dog is in the classic pose with his mouth open. Two sets of horns are included for the keymaster or gatekeeper.

Est. ship: 4th quarter 2014

See the painted prototype at San Diego Comic Con!

Pending Licensor Approval….

For additional prototype pictures, check out Chronicle Collectibles Terror Dog product page and their social media sites.

Photo Source: Chronicle Collectibles


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