SDCC: Matty Collector The Real Ghostbusters Figure Line


During Mattel/Matty Collector’s SDCC panel it was announced that The Real Ghostbusters figures were coming in 2015. If Mattel was looking to surprise a fan base that generally has grown distant with how one toy company has handled Ghostbusters figures, they succeeded. Mainly because without a complete new movie, ongoing comic, no new current cartoon, and mainstream merchandise in stores I don’t think any ghosthead expected new Ghostbusters figures.

In recent years Matty Collector had made all 4 The Real Ghostbusters in the Mego/Kenner style of the 1970s as part of their Retro-Action figure line. Which was followed up with a Retro-Action Janine/Samhain 2 Pack. As I’ve previously said from a business point of view fans never knew how successful these figures were. Also at the time Matty Collector didn’t seem interested in similar figures to their Ghostbusters lines.

Details seem scarce and Matty seems to have learned their lesson from last year by not showing off something that doesn’t physically exist. I’d imagine they’re also considering leaning towards pre-orders to “gauge interest.” Hopefully if they decide to do that, they’ll give ghostheads and other consumers enough time, unlike the ECTO-1 they wanted to make last year.

As a kind of peeve I get a graphic can be a placeholder. As their company previously made RGB figures, why not just use those as an example instead of Volume 1 of the complete The Real Ghostbusters series?

Speculative, I could see Mattel making 4 Ghostbusters figures, similar to what Kenner did with hopefully better then the Retro-Action line updated packaging. Maybe if those do well and Mattel remains at least vested, fans could see Janine. While all that could be great, after all the Ghostbusters figures Matty Collector has made in 5 years, with The Real Ghostbusters I think ghostheads would rather see ghost figures.

Either way even with the Ghostbusters figure line incomplete, Mattel producing The Real Ghostbusters figures could bring something fresh to their Ghostbusters toy lines.

Photo Source: Matty Collector SDCC panel


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