Ghostbusters 30th Anniversary Number 13 Opening Weekend

Ghostbusters 30th Anniversary has been showing on 787 screens, in some theaters since Thursday, August 28, 2014. Some at Ghostbusters Incorporated hadn’t really considered making the top 10 thirty years later. After all some marvelous guardian movie is still playing along with a movie about mutant turtles who become ninjas. You believe that? That’ll will never last as long as GHØSTBUSTERS.

We’re happy, not surprised that Ghostbusters 30 comes in at lucky number 13 above an animated movie about training dragons for a second time. Ghostbusters has been a money making machine since June 1984. It’s always nice to see both companies have more financial resources. Someone with a much higher pay grade is enjoying half a million dollars. With more in profits to come.

Source: Box Office Mojo


Ghostbusters II Concept Art & Storyboards

After updating GB Inc. with 30th Anniversary Photos this week, we’re beginning to put similar Ghostbusters II 25th Anniversary content on the site. Before you can have photos filmmakers with action and effects sequences need a visual way of presenting how a movie is going to come together. With both Ghostbusters™ films it was especially important as they’re representative of my employers personal and professional lives.

For Ghostbusters II 25th Anniversary year we’ve combed through the archives to put a collection of concept art and storyboards on Ghostbusters Inc. Art includes images of “Vigo” and the “Courtroom battle.” Storyboard art includes:

  1. Investigating First Ave (River Of Slime)
  2. Courtroom
  3. Museum
  4. Oscar Ghost Nanny
  5. Deleted Scenes

We’ll be adding Ghostbusters II personal, press, filming, and publicity photos in future updates.

Ghostbusters Krispy Kreme Donuts


Ghostbusters Incorporated, Sony Pictures, Stay-Puft Marshmallows, and pastry chain Krispy Kreme have teamed up for Ghostbusters™ 30th Anniversary! While we can’t reveal all the details, from the teaser posters taken by a ghosthead Krispy Kreme will be selling two different themed Ghostbusters donuts. Hopefully the Stay-Puft’s eyes will appear more “marshmallowy” then jack-o-lantern. Their will also be a special Ghostbusters pail, which during the Halloween season is useful when kids ask people for candy.

Photo Source: Dinosaur Dracula

GB Inc. Ghostbusters 30th Anniversary Photos

On February 9, 2014 Ghostbusters Incorporated created a new Photos page in our Media section. Since then we’ve been gathering, organizing, and uploading (well mostly today) pictures going back before Ghostbusters as a company even existed! Too dramatic?

Originally we wanted to have at least the Ghostbusters™ pictures up before the actual US 30th Anniversary. Not all of the photos and pictures we’re using and want to use were organized until today, the week of Ghostbusters 30th Anniversary screenings. It still looks like we know what we’re doing. “Oh you’re good.” – Actual Customer Testimonial

Pictures and photos were organized into 4 separate sections:

What we’ve provided certainly isn’t everything that encompasses the roots of my employer. If we’re able to add more from the archives we’ll at least consider it.

Until then we’ll be working on the Ghostbusters II™ photos and pictures. While their isn’t a set date we’re hoping long before first week of November.

Ghostbusters Anniversary Blu-Ray Trailer

Sony Pictures has created a brand new trailer for the upcoming new Ghostbusters/Ghostbusters II anniversary Blu-rays.

Available to purchase as individual releases, with Digibook, or a limited edition collector’s set on September 16, 2014 in the United States. It currently be pre-ordered from such sites as Amazon.

30th Anniversary: Ghostbusters Funko Pop! Movies Stay-Puft



The Funko Pop! Movies Stay-Puft has arrived!! No 30th Anniversary Ghostbusters celebration would be complete without the marshmallow man. Is he a man though? After all he’s made of marshmallows. At some point the philosophical questions had to be thought about.


Funko considers Pop! Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man an oversize vinyl figure. When you see the box up close or compared to the Pop! Ghostbusters figures you can immediately see why. At 6 inches tall, Pop! Stay-Puft towers above his human adversaries. With his appropriately sized vinyl marshmallow head, Funko designed a box that they hope can contain a brand character that was once brought to life by an ancient Mesopotamian god.


What did you do Pop! Ray? Well maybe thinking of a vinyl marshmallow man figure based off a brand of marshmallows from Camp Waconda is the most harmless thing.


As I can’t go to Australia or Indonesia until…

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