GB Inc. Ghostbusters 30th Anniversary Photos

On February 9, 2014 Ghostbusters Incorporated created a new Photos page in our Media section. Since then we’ve been gathering, organizing, and uploading (well mostly today) pictures going back before Ghostbusters as a company even existed! Too dramatic?

Originally we wanted to have at least the Ghostbusters™ pictures up before the actual US 30th Anniversary. Not all of the photos and pictures we’re using and want to use were organized until today, the week of Ghostbusters 30th Anniversary screenings. It still looks like we know what we’re doing. “Oh you’re good.” – Actual Customer Testimonial

Pictures and photos were organized into 4 separate sections:

What we’ve provided certainly isn’t everything that encompasses the roots of my employer. If we’re able to add more from the archives we’ll at least consider it.

Until then we’ll be working on the Ghostbusters II™ photos and pictures. While their isn’t a set date we’re hoping long before first week of November.


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