Ghostbusters II Concept Art & Storyboards

After updating GB Inc. with 30th Anniversary Photos this week, we’re beginning to put similar Ghostbusters II 25th Anniversary content on the site. Before you can have photos filmmakers with action and effects sequences need a visual way of presenting how a movie is going to come together. With both Ghostbusters™ films it was especially important as they’re representative of my employers personal and professional lives.

For Ghostbusters II 25th Anniversary year we’ve combed through the archives to put a collection of concept art and storyboards on Ghostbusters Inc. Art includes images of “Vigo” and the “Courtroom battle.” Storyboard art includes:

  1. Investigating First Ave (River Of Slime)
  2. Courtroom
  3. Museum
  4. Oscar Ghost Nanny
  5. Deleted Scenes

We’ll be adding Ghostbusters II personal, press, filming, and publicity photos in future updates.


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