Ghostbusters 30th Anniversary Number 13 Opening Weekend

Ghostbusters 30th Anniversary has been showing on 787 screens, in some theaters since Thursday, August 28, 2014. Some at Ghostbusters Incorporated hadn’t really considered making the top 10 thirty years later. After all some marvelous guardian movie is still playing along with a movie about mutant turtles who become ninjas. You believe that? That’ll will never last as long as GHØSTBUSTERS.

We’re happy, not surprised that Ghostbusters 30 comes in at lucky number 13 above an animated movie about training dragons for a second time. Ghostbusters has been a money making machine since June 1984. It’s always nice to see both companies have more financial resources. Someone with a much higher pay grade is enjoying half a million dollars. With more in profits to come.

Source: Box Office Mojo