Ghostbusters II Photos

On August 28, we added Ghostbusters II™ concept and storyboard art to our Media section. That was just the beginning as we still had more then 50 photos to add to their respective personal, press, publicity, and filming pages. From earlier updates we wanted to have the pictures up realistically by Ghostbusters II™ release to Blu-ray on September 16, 2014. If we didn’t get to those updates until first week of November, that would have been ok too.

Quite a few countries already have had their 30th Anniversary sets released, which naturally includes Ghostbusters II.™ That’s a reason we worked on an unusually hot September Saturday. Fortunately the timing also works out in advance of the US Blu-ray release.

Ghostbusters II™ Photos

More anniversary and site updates to come. 🙂