Playing Games: Hot Rods Of The Gods PDF


Back in February we made major updates to Ghostbusters Incorporated Media section, many which included Ghostbusters™ The Roleplaying Game. Up to then the only content we didn’t have completed was the supplemental book Hot Rods Of The Gods. We were working on the book before Earth moved closer to the Sun, at some point that work faded into the background until today.

We went back over and through the covers, supplemental material, and 48 pages to make sure they were like new. Similar to the roleplaying game itself this is the best version from GB Inc. we’ve ever had.

If we receive or find additional supplemental gaming books in the archives, they can be added to the site.

Hot Rods Of The Gods is part of the Ghostbusters™ The Roleplaying Game page. Or download the 265.7 MB file PDF directly.


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