Comic Book Resources Interviews Ernie Hudson

Comic Book Resources (CBR) interviewed Ernie Hudson about Ghostbusters, its 30th Anniversary, and “Winston Zeddemore’s” future.


It’s so cool, because I don’t think the studio really supported the movie, but I think the fans have really come out. There’s a Ghostbuster chapter – several Ghostbuster chapters – in every major American city and all over. I was just in Ireland, and 50 guys in there in their jumpsuits and backpacks, and they turn their cars into Ecto-mobiles. In France, in Brussels – It’s really a phenomenon, and the fans love it. People are watching with their children, and so it’s great! I’ve done a lot of movies and done a lot of television, but it’s one of those things that people really respond to, and I’m just very honored to have been a part of it.


I’d love to see Winston, the character, kind of become the director of global Ghostbusters – because now there are Ghostbuster chapters all over the world! I’d just love to be a part of it, love to see it happen.

We’re not sure how long its been since Ernie Hudson spoke to Winston Zeddemore, Winston (or Z as Dr. Stantz calls him sometimes) is an executive within Ghostbusters Incorporated and has helped train recruits or rookies in the last decade.

From Richard Roy

Ernie Hudson most likely wasn’t aware of this, I use to be the Director of Operations until 2014. One day this year because it made sense at the time for a post I wrote I was the Chief Operating Officer. Which kinda makes sense. Winston having that title either within the company or something that allows for more character growth would be great. Within the realism the Ghostbusters and Janine Melnitz have been my bosses since the beginning.

Comic Book Resources interview with Ernie Hudson!


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