Beyond The Marquee Web Series Checks Out Ghostbusters Merchandise


Thirty years ago Dr. Peter Venkman had a vision of “franchise rights” and pretty much making more money then they could ever imagine. It took time, (less than a year) Ghostbusters Incorporated’s parent company not only franchised Ghostbusters to expand the study and elimination of supernatural phenomenon, also trademarked and licensed all things GHOSTBUSTERS™ for a variety of print, film, toys, collectibles, and so on.

I don’t think it was originally intended, my employers created a lot of stuff which we’re still collecting 30 years later. Undoubtedly beyond as well. While one article couldn’t cover it all, movie, TV site, and Beyond The Marquee takes a look at some Ghostbusters™ merch with our friends at Sony’s Marketing Consumer Division as part of their web series too.

Article: Beyond The Marquee’s article on Ghostbusters merchandise!


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