Robin Shelby’s Krispy Kreme Ghostbusters Donuts Appearance


This morning Robin Shelby was at Krispy Kreme’s Burbank, CA location to hang out with California franchise members and together enjoy hopefully delicious 30th Anniversary donuts. Robin Shelby shared her album of pictures and after asking is allowing Ghostbusters Incorporated to share them. A special thanks to Robin Shelby and her husband Sean Spence.


robinshelbyangmikecurtandy robinshelbyghostheads robinshelbykrispykrememployees

Promotional Material

 gbdoughnutholebucket gb30krispykremeslimerdough


Time To Make The Donuts

 gb30krispykremeslimer gb30krispykremestaypuft


Official Ghostbusters Donuts

krispykgbdoughnutspke krispykgbdoughnutsdouble

krispykgbdoughnutsdozen krispykgbdoughnutsingle

Robin Shelby

robinshelbyinflateslimergbdoughbox robinshelbyinflateslimergbdoughsingle robinshelbyinflateslimergbcup

robinshelbygbdozendoughnuts robinshelbykrispykremegbwindow

 robinshelbykrispykremegbwindowgbdoughnuts robinshelbyseanspence

For additional photos from Robin Shelby’s Krispy Kreme appearance, check out her Facebook album.


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