Rich Reviews: Ghostbusters II 25th Anniversary Blu-ray


Product Description

The new 30th Anniversary Ghostbusters digi-book well looks like a book, contains what and how Ghostbusters and its sequel came together, inserts, Ghostbusters™ 30th Anniversary Blu-ray, and for the first time in any century Ghostbusters II™ 25th Anniversary Blu-ray.

Ghost hand returns?

As their has never been a follow up book to Making Ghostbusters I can appreciate “The Story of Ghostbusters II” for the 25th Anniversary. With concept art, ghost model building, and pictures from Ghostbusters II™. Which weren’t all in the theatrical version.


This is the first and most likely the only time Ghostbusters II™ will see the Blu-ray of light. Where then is the respect? Why did someone in authority approve a sideways cut off from the disc Ghostbusters II “victory/peace” sequel logo? You could say the logo is correct when one turns the disc with the title facing to the right. If you’re anything like me, you place your discs in a player with the logo facing upwards depending on the placement of art and/or title.

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Rich Reviews: Ghostbusters 30th Anniversary Blu-ray

Ghosthead websites and movies sites began reviewing the 30th Anniversary Ghostbusters Blu-rays within days of the release. At Ghostbusters Incorporated we’re far more busier. Ya know making sure the world is safe from disruptive ghosts and on the rare occasion those creatures that want to end all life as we know it for their own selfish agenda.

Some of us didn’t have the time we would have liked to have watched, let alone review new Ghostbusters Blu-rays. Then before we knew it, GB Inc. seemed to have become a food site because of our partnerships with Krispy Kreme and the Stay-Puft Corp. Before we really get into the busy season GB Inc. asked me to watch movies (at least they weren’t workplace safety videos this time) and review them.

I’ll be reviewing the new Ghostbusters digi-book as its the 30th Anniversary edition I chose. The actual 25th Anniversary Ghostbusters II™ Blu-ray review will be a separate blog post.

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