Paul Feig To Direct New Ghostbusters Movie


Paul Feig, actor and director of the comedies Bridesmaids and The Heat tweeted the official “Ghostbusters III” news about directing a new Ghostbusters movie. He’ll be working with writer and producer Katie Dippold, who wrote The Heat and is a co-producer on Parks and Recreation.


I, Richard Roy am not familiar with Paul Feig’s personality, including humor or wit. When I read his tweet before I had read reactions from ghostheads I felt his tweet rubbed (as a life long fan) ghostheads the wrong way. I hadn’t wrote about it at that time, the internet had previously blown up when Paul Feig’s name came up for the then Ghostbusters sequel and the idea of an all female Ghostbusters cast was being talked about. Even if you’re not as “diehard” as a fan, you could see without knowing Paul Feig how the tweet could come off as sarcastic as well.

The same night Sony’s Ghostbusters Twitter account also confirmed the latest developments with “Ghostbusters III.”


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Ghostbusters Cereal: A Retrospective


With the blockbuster success of GHOSTBUSTERS,™ Ghostbusters Incorporated slowly began to license company trademarks for merchandising. Oddly enough considering what began to make my employers successful products for consumption hadn’t been considered yet. Until a trip to a supermarket by Drs. Stantz and Spengler. The “cereal aisle” was filled with popular characters of the time. C-3PO’s, E.T., Gremlins, Mr. TG.I Joe, Garfield, Rainbow Brite, and others from a video game console company that may or not have directly ripped us off in years to come. One cereal was missing and it isn’t the obvious one.

After Dr. Stantz accidentally turned a company mascot against humanity the Stay-Puft Corporation almost went out of business. Their business partners had no choice, but to pull remaining stock of all things Stay-Puft, including Ray’s favorite cereal, Mr. Stay-Pufts. A cereal that once contained grains and Mr. Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man (Men?) marshmallows which naturally stayed puffy in milk.

Still feeling bad about what happened, my employers were discussing the void in the cereal industry. Winston Zeddemore was skeptical if kids, let alone adults would eat a Ghostbusters™ themed cereal. After Drs. Venkman and Stantz met with Ralston (today Ralston Foods), Dr. Venkman was willing to stake Spengs’ reputation on people starting their days with GHOSTBUSTERS.™

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