Japanese Ghostbusters Food & Beverages


Just when we thought we were done ‘turning’ Ghostbusters Incorporated into a food site, a restaurant with Ghostbusters theme food brings us right back. This time it isn’t in America. We’re not even sure its an official tie-in. Japanese restaurant chain J.S Burgers Cafe is celebrating Ghostbusters 30th Anniversary with its Ghostbusters themed food, beverage, and naturally dessert.

What’s to eat and drink in Japan?

Black Buns Mozzarella Burger


For a reason this American doesn’t understand Japanese chain restaurants like serving a burger sandwiched between a black bun that looks like it was incinerated beforehand. I don’t see the appeal.

They’re dyed using black squid ink.* Hope that’s in name only because of ya know what real squids do in their spare time. Do squids have spare time? It’s made with mozzarella, homemade tomato sauce, hot mayo, (as opposed to cold mayo?) and cajun spices. Comes with waffle fries!

We don’t know if this has a direct connection to Ghostbusters. Possible damage employees incur when on a job?

*Ghosthead Joe Ricciardelli said “bamboo charcoal” is used to dye the buns black.

Avocado Rich Burger w/Green BBQ


Avocado Rich sounds like a guy I should know. Hm, maybe its the Japanese to English translation. If I had to choose, then later perish I’d order this avocado burger. It’s served with enough avocado, lettuce, green tomatoes, (in the US that means they’re not ripe) basil, and topped with green BBQ sauce. I would have called it the Ectoplasm burger. Which GB Inc.’s restaurants usually serve. Also comes with waffle fries!

As a personal bonus both burgers are served on very similar China my parents bought in the 1980s that is still used sometimes today. 😀

Monster Cream Soda


Can’t have a meal without a drink that as a bonus doubles as a dessert. This is a melon flavored soda served with three (why not 4 JSB?) scoops of ice cream and for the cherry on top a..um cherry. :p While this is meant for human (not Slimer) consumption, J.S Burgers Cafe recommend sharing with a friend, perhaps with one that runs global Ghostbusters websites.

Marshmallow Sundae


Most likely to skirt international trademarks, J.S Burgers Cafe calls their marshmallow sundae, Marshmallow Sundae. Its served with coconut and granola, then conjured up (see what I did their?) with ice cream, two kinds of yogurt, and topped with a strawberry sauce.

While it is “marshmallow like,” more like a marshmallow man that exploded becoming gobs of fluffy, gooey stuff which covered most of my employers, a government employee, and NYC.

If you’re able to eat at J.S Burgers Cafe and try any of these menu items, we’d enjoy hearing from you. Please leave a comment or post on our Facebook page.

Photo Sources: J.S. Burgers Cafe


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