Ghostbusters Roleplaying Hub


The Nerdy Show, a podcasting network has a Ghostbusters Roleplaying Game (RPG) podcast called Ghostbusters Resurrection. As part of their gaming adventures very similar to Ghostbusters Incorporated’s Ghostbusters™ The Roleplaying Game, they use a “standard” equipment deck. General Manager Doug Banks modernized it for the 21 Century by including expanded Ghostbusters™ content.


Graphic designer ‘Cap Blackard’ and illustrator Mat Nicholson came up with new equipment illustrations. More then a set of cards and updated gaming rules, unlike what GB Inc. is able to offer on-line, they’ve also created a laser-etched Ghost Die and we believe slime green d6s. Which are included as either the Starter Kit or Franchise Kit, depending on what a buyer chooses.

The Franchsie Kit also includes redesigned Personnel Cards and a ‘Certificate of Completion.’

Source: Nerdy Show


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