New Ghostbusters T-Shirts Available At JC Penney


I haven’t been to any malls, especially the closest one to my home since Summer. Coincidentally I was near my “childhood” mall the weekend Ghostbusters 30th Anniversary screenings were playing. Not that it probably would have mattered for this post, I wanted to go to that mall, their wasn’t enough time.

Like many ghostheads I’ve owned quite a few Ghostbusters t-shirts through the years. In the last decade (maybe a bit longer) as an adult I’ve had licensed t-shirts, home made ones (pre-new licensees) and then Ghostbusters International t-shirts. The Ghostbusters t-shirt I still wear is a heavier black t-shirt with the “no ghost” logo and Ghostbusters beneath it. I think I bought it in the later 2000s and it was made by a former Ghostbusters licensee. I still wear that shirt sometimes, I’ve been wanting a newer shirt during Ghostbusters 30th Anniversary.

I’ve known where to buy those kinds of t-shirts on-line since the summer. It was less of a priority to buy an official tee then say Ghostbusters Pop Movie! collectibles or the 30th Anniversary Blu-Rays. I was thinking of licensed Ghostbusters t-shirts and before getting to the mall near my home, seeing a little what could be available.

I’m guessing like most guys I don’t always enjoy buying clothes and don’t want to be at a department store any longer then necessary. If you’re going to one, you’d probably prefer one chain over another. For me, its pretty much JC Penney. Your choice could also depend on where you grew up and if like me you had to go before the promise of visiting Kay-Bee toys was fulfilled.

While browsing JCP’s (hip retail lingo) site I came across two new Ghostbusters t-shirts. One I hadn’t seen before. Their is also a different long sleeve shirt I came across later in the evening. As I hadn’t seen them talked about through the usual channels, I posted about one of them on Facebook before writing about it here.

By now you could have just looked up what’s available through their site, I appreciate you hanging in here with me. It look a while to find the right 1980s mall image. 😀

Ghostbusters Group Photo T-Shirt


This Ghostbuster group “photo” t-shirt has been available since Summer 2014 through the Ghostbusters Store (not on a black tee) and between then and more recently 80s Tees. Also, not available on a black t-shirt through them.

City Puft T-Shirt


The shirt I preferred is this sorta worn look Stay-Puft (City Puft) design, which has Mr. Stay-Puft walking (looks more floating) either through or in a city. The skyline is kinda behind/around it. I didn’t originally notice it, Stay-Puft has a The Real Ghostbusters vibe to it. When I mentioned that, Lanny D. Crepit told us the image has been around for years.

I’m not sure with either t-shirt who is the licensee. I liked “City Puft” t-shirt enough to order it (as it wasn’t available at my nearest location) and I should have my order within a week. Both shirts cost $12 USD separately or if you buy two, they’re $9.99 USD. When I include my shipping, it kinda covered half my shipping.

Photo Sources: Tumblr, JC Penney


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