Ghostbusters Technology Patents Surface


Even we knew it was a matter of time before GHOSTBUSTERS™ original patents would find their way on-line due in part to United States law and our successes. Not just with the study and removal of paranormal phenomenon, with outside marketing ventures.

While Ghostbusters Incorporated has known these patents have been ‘public record’ for quite some time, we certainly weren’t going to bring it to the public’s attention. Without proper understanding and training of such equipment, their can be a danger to oneself and the public.

Why then did self proclaimed “best site in the world” post about it? Without asking we already know the answer. 

The equipment and designs by Tim Anderson are pretty cool.

TheChive thankfully posted just three of our equipment patents. With the sensitive nature of Ghostbusters patented and trademarked equipment, parts names and how to operate said equipment was omitted over the last decade or two.

‘Device for the detection of spectral apparitions’


‘Device for the containment and transport of spectral entities’


‘Device for the capture of spectral apparitions’


If you were thinking the patented equipment designs would be cool art to hang up, you wouldn’t be wrong. We’ve allowed Mr. Anderson to sell these prints with Ghostbusters Incorporated receiving 10% more then the usual fees. As Dr. Venkman said (which he heard from somewhere) “You have to suffer for your art.” 😉

News Source: theChive


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