Asda Selling Ghostbusters T-Shirts


Asda, a grocery store chain in the United Kingdom is selling 30th Anniversary Ghostbusters t-shirts. The above t-shirts were seen and shared by ghosthead Ian Dawes. The “no ghost” logo t-shirt appears to be the same design (minus the white ‘GHOST BUSTERS’ text) that was used on the gray t-shirts Australian retailer Primark had (could still be) been selling. Naturally the Slimer design comes from how Slimer looked in Ghostbusters.™ Which seems to work better for this overall design. A similar design from Ghostbusters II™ probably could have worked just as well.

After this picture was shared ghostheads Martin Dootson and Gemma Billingham commented that Asda is selling additional Ghostbusters t-shirts. Interestedly enough one shirt uses the deleted Fort Detmerring photo ghostheads are familiar with. Another features a more retro The Real Ghostbusters Slimer t-shirt.

Out of curiosity I checked Asda’s website to see if the additional men’s shirts were listed on-line. To no one’s surprise who uses the internet on a daily basis, they are. The site features 6 different designs, however doesn’t have the “no ghost” logo shirt from the above pic. They’re also selling Ghostbusters boxer shorts.

Apparel costs between £4-£10. At that price fans could buy their friend Spengs across the pond a couple. 🙂

If like myself you’re in the US, Asda is part of the Walmart ‘family.’ I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting, perhaps some of these shirts could be sold at Walmart locations throughout North America.

Photo Source: Ian Dawes


One thought on “Asda Selling Ghostbusters T-Shirts

  1. Looks like there warehouse doesn’t ship to the US. However, if you’re not in the UK, they do ship internationally.

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